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I Have Signs of Voles, What Do I Do?

This time of year, our office starts to receive a lot of calls in regards to vole damage in their yard and planting areas. Vole damage is evident when the snow recedes and the trailing systems appear. These rodents can not only make trails in your lawn, but they can also chew on small or newly planted shrubs and trees.

Do I have Moles or Voles?

Voles will burrow along the ground and under grass whereas moles will burrow underground beneath the surface. Voles are herbivores and moles are protein eaters (insects, worms or grubs).

Appearance and Re-production

Voles resemble mice but are typically a little larger with longer fur and shorter tails. Color varies. They can reach sexual maturity quickly and can have several litters per year.

What to do if I have activity in my yard?

The short answer is usually these areas will recover on their own. If it doesn't appear that damaged areas are coming back in your yard you can overseed or fertilize the area.

What if I want to hire a pest control company or take care of elimination on my own?

Eradication for voles typically involves covered snap traps along the pathways that they travel. This technique becomes labor intensive and costly for the homeowner due to the attention needed in checking traps everyday by a licensed pest control company and the initial expense in equipment.

For further information please check out our Rodents page on our website.

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