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Wisconsin’s melting snow and spring rains bring flooding, along with humid summers, leads to an elevated mosquito population.

Mosquitoes not only ruin outdoor adventures, they carry dangerous vector-borne diseases.

Full Lawn and Brush Treatment Kills Mosquitoes where they live

Warranty good May through September.*

*Our Summer Mosquito Control Program has a "limited" warranty. Our treatment is proven to provide excellent mosquito control, however no treatment can guarantee 100% control. If you still have a significant problem after treatment and you have eliminated any identified breeding spots, we will carry out a re-treatment. The "limited" warranty means that not following recommendations or a call one week before the end of the warranty period will not result in a re-treatment.*Three treatments in total. Treatments will be completed in May, late June/early July and late August/September.

Mosquito Service: About
Mosquito Source Inspection

Mosquito infestations are serious and can lead to worse issues like contracting dangerous diseases such as West Nile virus and malaria. Learning how to inspect and pin-point possible sources of mosquito populations is critical in addressing the issue early on to prevent spreading—and to avoid the threat to your health.


Our mosquito management expert will perform an inspection of your yard to find potential mosquito breeding grounds and other areas susceptible to infestation.

Mosquito Treatment Options

Treatment options are determined following a complete inspection of your property by Safeway’s licensed pest specialists. Mosquito control can require a one-time service or recurring treatments over time, and in rare cases of severe infestation, you may need more extensive environmental alterations.  Our treatments begin in late spring and early summer, and are performed approximately every 30 days to continue the reduction of mosquito populations.

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