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In today’s world it’s all about protecting your brand. At Safeway Pest Management we take that responsibility very seriously. Let us partner with you to build a program to fit your needs and help prevent issues before they happen. We have a wide range of commercial service experience ranging from corner gas stations or eateries all the way up to high rise apartment buildings and offices. Let us give you that necessary attention to detail that only a family owned company can provide.

Industrial Building


We will communicate with management regarding any current issues or potential problem areas.


We will inspect and treat any areas of concern, such as public entryways, hallways, lobby, basement, garages, dumpster areas, laundry areas and exterior.


Once our inspection is done, we will strategically place out our rodent equipment and focus on those areas that need it the most.


We will also focus on certain types of insects pertaining to the time of year and need of your building.


Before we begin service we will meet with the necessary points of contact regarding any current issues or concerns.


We will inspect and treat as needed any areas such as entrance and exits, storage areas, public restrooms, break rooms and loading docks. 

We will monitor and maintain any rodent equipment.

We will inspect and treat the exterior for insect issues, with special attention to spider activity and control. 

Hospital Bed


We will maintain communication with management regarding particular areas of concern. 

We will use monitors, glue boards and mechanical traps to monitor any potential issues in problematic areas.

We will do treatment when only necessary, keeping the health and safety of any patients first priority.


We will use the least amount of chemical needed, including using insect baits when possible. 


At Safeway, we have many school systems that we service. Our first priority is the health and safety of children and staff.

We will follow strict guidelines if/when treatments are needed and will discuss, with the appropriate contacts, all of the options in order to make the best decision possible. 

Commercial Service: Services


We will check with management and/or chef regarding any current issues.


We will thoroughly inspect and treat any necessary or problematic areas including waitress stations, front line, kitchen, restrooms, dining areas and basements.

We monitor rodent equipment in areas of concern and will adjust needs at each service to get the best coverage possible.

After the service is completed, we will give you a rundown of what we found and also provide helpful recommendations for pest prevention and guidance in your sanitation needs.

Safeway will pay special attention in protecting your brand.


We will have regular interaction and communication with management for any new or continuing issues.


We will pay special attention to typical invaders for this type of establishment, from ground floor ants to bed bugs.

We will thoroughly inspect and treat as needed of high traffic areas and areas of concern, such as the lobby, conference rooms, and food service areas. In addition, we will monitor and treat, as needed, other areas such as pool rooms and exercise rooms. 

When needed we will perform an exterior inspection and treatment as needed for rodents in winter and insects in warm months. 

Our Commercial Services

At Safeway Pest Management, we prioritize the provision of high-quality commercial pest control and treatment services. We cater to clients in the Milwaukee area, including Madison, Oshkosh, Appleton, Janesville, and everywhere in between! At Safeway Pest Management we offer a comprehensive range of services such as inspection and effective treatment for pests like rodents, termites, bed bugs, ants and more. Our treatment options are tailored to suit the specific needs of each facility and the level of infestation at hand.

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