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Mosquito Pest Control and Inspection Services near Milwaukee, WI

Mosquito infestations are serious, and the dangerous vector-borne diseases they carry can lead to much worse issues. With Wisconsin’s elevated mosquito population due to flooding from melting snow and spring rains as well as humid summers, it is even more likely that you might have a problem. Safeway provides excellent mosquito control services and prevention in order to maintain a healthy, pest-free environment.

At Safeway Pest Management, we understand the importance of addressing mosquito infestations as soon as possible for clients near Milwaukee. Our trained and licensed pest specialists can provide a thorough inspection to determine the severity of the issue and decide on the best mosquito treatment and control services moving forward. If you have any questions regarding our pest control and inspection services, contact us at 262-679-4422 for more information.

Mosquito Source Inspection

Mosquito infestations are serious and can lead to worse issues like contracting dangerous diseases, such as West Nile virus and malaria. Learning how to inspect and pin-point the source of an infestation is critical in being able to address the issue early on to prevent spreading—and avoid the threat to your health. If you’re located near Milwaukee, it’s more likely you might have a problem considering Wisconsin’s increased mosquito population due to humid summers and flooding from melting snow and spring rains.

There are several types of mosquitos to look out for. Culex pipiens L is common in northern states and found in standing water that is polluted; culex quinquefasciatus is common in tropic and subtropic areas and prefers stagnant and foul water for breeding; culex restuans is found more in central and eastern states; aedes aegypti is common in the south and bites in late afternoon or early mornings; and Ae. albopictus is a daytime feeder that reproduces rapidly and transmits more than 30 diseases.

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Mosquito Treatment Options

Mosquito treatment depends on the severity of the infestation. Treatment options are determined following a complete inspection of your property by Safeway’s licensed pest specialists. Mosquito control can require a one-time service or recurring treatments over time, and in rare cases of severe infestation, you will need to fix up your property. There are several mosquito treatment options, starting with eliminating breeding sites (removal of standing water) often found in tall grass, weeds and shrubs.


Mosquito treatment often requires insecticide usage. Using a residual insecticide to spray foliage of bushes and shrubs, lower limbs of shade trees, tall grass and other shaded areas will get rid of adult mosquitoes. Foggers and misting system compounds can help coat leaves and foliage more effectively in order to control any serious mosquito infestation. Finally, mosquito repellents are also commonly used for the yard or the skin as an all-natural, non-toxic treatment option.

Mosquito Prevention

Mosquito prevention is a smart option for clients near Milwaukee who have had mosquito problems in the past and are hoping to prevent future infestations. The most common place to start is to eliminate any potential sources of standing water when you can or provide treatment with mosquito larvicide when possible, whether the source is found in puddles, ponds, lakes, toys, bird baths, ditches, old tires, clogged gutters, buckets, flower pots or even poorly maintained pools. Be sure to contact Safeway Pest Management to schedule an inspection ASAP, so we can provide mosquito control and help keep your property pest-free.

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Why Use Safeway Pest Management near Milwaukee, WI?

Safeway Pest Management has been offering professional residential pest control and management services for clients near Milwaukee since 1956. We actively participate in the National Pest Management Association and the Wisconsin Pest Control Association. We’re proud to say we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and also belong to the Waukesha Alliance and Muskego and Mukwonago Chamber of Commerce. 


Our team is up for any job big or small. With many years of experience under our belt, you can count on us to provide consistent and high quality service at reasonable rates. Not only do we take care of your pest problems but help advise and provide recommendations on preventative measures to give you peace of mind. Give us a call today at 262-679-4422 with any questions or to schedule an inspection. 

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