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We Just Love to Loathe These Pests

Some pests just rate higher on the hate meter! Here’s a list of some pests that we’ve chosen as the most detestable Wisconsin pests. What pests rank high on your list of loathed pests?

1. Bed Bugs: It’s pretty easy to feel negatively about a bug that multiplies in our cozy refuge and then has the audacity to bite us while we sleep.

2. Mosquitoes: We hate mosquitoes because they just love to ruin our happy summertime! They also always seem to bring their friends along to our outdoor outings!

3. Cockroaches: It’s pretty safe to say that any fast-moving creepy-crawly that can survive nuclear war, transmit salmonella, AND surprise someone when they flip a light switch to “on”, deserves to be on our loathe list!

4. Spiders: Whether it’s the number of their legs, or the bad rap they’ve been given in movies, spiders fall (pun and additional reason intended) as one of our most feared and detested pests.

5. Ticks: They crawl under our skin, literally and figuratively. Enough said.

6. Mice and Rats: Although some people find these rodents loveable to make them a family pet, most of us don’t like anything that plays hide, poop and squeak in our home without our permission first.

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