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Some Buggy Ways to Show Your Love This Year (or not)

Chocolate-Covered Bug Love

Edible insects are a real thing and a simple search on the internet will lead you to various kinds of chocolate covered insects and insect-filled lollypops (purchase and try at your own risk!). A better idea may be to simply get your valentine some gummy worms and skip the whole eww factor.

Take Your Valentine on a Virtual Date

Take a free Virtual Tour of Smithsonian's Natural History Museum. Visit the butterfly pavilion, the insect zoo and more.

Virtual Tour of Smithsonian's Natural History Museum-Current Exhibits

Check out the Free Live Chrysalis Cam by Florida Museum of Natural History and see an assortment of butterfly pupae that arrive each week from butterfly farms around the world. If you watch closely, you may just see a colorful new adult butterfly emerge.

Chrysalis Cam

Give a Love Bug Valentine

We found a couple of external links* to share, they lead to some cute, printable PDF bug valentines:

Cuddle Bug Valentines

Love Bugs Cut and Paste

Isn't That Mice?

Make your sweetie some Hershey kiss mice (YouTube Link*)

Hershey Kiss Mice

Not Feeling the Love?

Maybe you aren’t feeling the love this year? If not, how about naming a cockroach after an ex?

For $15 you can Name a Bronx Zoo Madagascar hissing cockroach for your loved one. The original name-a-roach gift, complete with a digital certificate.

Name A Cockroach After An Ex

*Warning: Links lead to external sources. Safeway is not responsible for external link websites.

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