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Ants in Winter

As winter sets in and temperatures drop, you may be thinking that ants have died off entirely, which may be true for some, but that is not the case for a majority of ant species.

Most ant species are overwintering arthropods. They will lay low deep in the soil and brave the elements through a period of dormancy. During this time the metabolic rate of the ant decreases, which makes their natural movement lessen.

It’s true that it’s not common to see ants walking around your home during winter as you may see during warmer seasons. However, if there is a colony within your home or business, it will remain active even during the colder months. Observing ants swarmers or foragers indoors during the cold weather months may be the indicator that an ant colony exists somewhere indoors, like in an inner house wall, in door or window frames, or other hiding places such as under, around or in or the structure’s slab. Ants can also be hiding under flooring, with a particular attraction to heated floors during the winter season.

Ants may be attracted to the interior of your structure in search of warmth and edible substances that will provide them with a good energy source. Attractants include:

  • Crumbs on floors & countertops

  • Food in pet food dishes

  • Food debris in cracks in the kitchen & appliances

  • Food debris in family rooms

  • Water sources in the bathroom/basement

Whether you’re seeing ants during the winter, or wanting to plan in advance for problems that may arise in the spring, you can call us at 262-679-4422 to have one of our certified pest specialists come to inspect and assess the situation and work with you to put together a treatment plan.

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