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Flea & Tick Treatment and Inspection Services near Milwaukee, WI

Fleas and ticks are both small pests that can be hard to identify or even find. As a result, flea and tick infestations can become a severe issue causing a number of problems for you and your home. Learning several techniques for flea and tick identification and prevention can help you protect your home or business from these unwelcome pests in the future.

If you’re currently dealing with a flea or tick infestation, there are several effective and efficient methods for treatment and control. Safeway Pest Management’s licensed pest specialists will conduct a thorough flea and tick inspection in your home to determine the source, type and severity of the issue at hand. After completing the inspection, we will move forward with the necessary treatment and prevention options to ensure your home is comfortable and pest-free. Contact Safeway Pest Management near Milwaukee, IL, and we’ll be happy to address any questions or concerns you might have about the pest treatment and inspection services we offer.

Flea & Tick Source Inspection

Fleas and ticks are much more than a nuisance as they can cause a number of problems for you and your home. If left untreated, fleas will continue to spread and disrupt the environment you live in, and ticks can cause serious health issues and tickborne diseases like Lyme Disease. Being able to accurately identify the type of pest and the source will go a long way in avoiding growth of the infestation and more complicated problems in the long run.

Fleas are small, about 2.5 mm long, and wingless, and their bodies are shiny, reddish brown in color and covered with microscopic hair. They are compressed to allow for easy movement through animal fur, and they are capable of jumping long distances. Common types include cat fleas, dog fleas and sand fleas.

Ticks can vary in color by species, and they have six legs during their larval stage and eight legs during their nymphal and adult stages. Adults can be smaller than a sunflower seed (over 1 cm long after feeding), while larvae can be less than 1 mm. Common types in Wisconsin include deer (black-legged) tick, lone star tick, and wood (American dog) tick.

Image by CDC
Image by Erik Karits

Flea & Tick Treatment Options

In order to properly treat fleas, a thorough inspection is required to determine where the immature stages of the flea population are residing. From there a treatment plan will be determined and then applied as necessary to target the type and severity of the infestation.

Ticks require cautious and thorough treatment. Whether on pets or people, they should be grasped behind the head by tweezers and pulled slowly away from the skin so as not to crush them and release toxic fluids. Treatment and extermination of ticks includes the use of tick control products and chemical applications to repel and eliminate any ticks, eggs and larvae present in various areas of your yard such as ground cover vegetation, areas where the lawn meets the woods, ornamental plantings and other similar shaded or protected areas.

Flea & Tick Prevention

Learning some of the common prevention techniques for fleas and ticks can help you avoid potential issues, limit the spread of current infestations and ultimately keep these pests from returning to your property or home following a thorough treatment plan. Flea prevention methods include regularly bathing and grooming your pets, frequently washing and drying pet bedding as well as using safe and effective flea control products on areas where immature fleas may be located.

Tick prevention options for your yard require modifying areas of tick habitat including exposing shaded areas to sunlight to reduce moisture, removing protective sites such as heavy leaf litter or thick ground cover around the perimeter of your home and removing protected areas like fallen logs, firewood piles and rock piles.

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Why Use Safeway Pest Management near Milwaukee, WI?

Safeway Pest Management has been offering professional residential pest control and management services for clients near Milwaukee since 1956. We actively participate in the National Pest Management Association and the Wisconsin Pest Control Association. We’re proud to say we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and also belong to the Waukesha Alliance and Muskego and Mukwonago Chamber of Commerce. 


Our team is up for any job big or small. With many years of experience under our belt, you can count on us to provide consistent and high quality service at reasonable rates. Not only do we take care of your pest problems but help advise and provide recommendations on preventative measures to give you peace of mind. Give us a call today at 262-679-4422 with any questions or to schedule an inspection. 

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