Black Widow Spider

Common Name: Black Widow
Scientific Name: Latrodectus

General Size: Female black widows are about 1.5 inches long. The males are about half the size of females

Look for these Colors: Female is black with a red hourglass shape on the underneath part of her abdomen

Males are lighter in color and may sometimes have an hourglass marking on their abdomen, but it may be a lighter color than yellow or white

Bite is harmful to humans

Brown Recluse Spider

Common Name: Brown Recluse Spider
Scientific Name: Loxosceles reclusa

General Size: 0.6 – 2 cm

Look for these Colors: Typically light to medium brown

Venomous bite

Cellar Spider

Common Name: Cellar Spider
Scientific Name: Family Pholcidae

General Size: 6mm-8mm

Look for these Colors: Tan or gray

Typically found in basements or dark, quiet spots

Wolf Spider

Common Name: Wolf Spider
Scientific Name: Family Lycosidae

General Size: Up to 35 mm

Look for these Colors: Black, gray and brown

Robust and Quick Moving

Yellow Garden Spider

Common Name: Yellow Garden Spider
Scientific Name: Argiope aurantia

General Size: 8mm for males, up to 30mm for females

Look for these Colors: Black and Yellow

Yellow Sac Spider

Common Name: Yellow Sac Spider
Scientific Name: Cheiracanthium

General Size: 1/4 inch

Look for these Colors: Typically a pale yellow with some dark markings

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