Could Winter Weather be Driving Rodents into your Vehicle?

February 6, 2019


Without even realizing it, drivers could be taking on some extra passengers in their vehicle. Rodent infestations aren’t just limited to homes, vehicles can also become a haven for many animals looking for shelter and warmth.


When you take into account that a mouse can fit through an opening as small as a dime, it’s not surprising to learn that rodents can easily find a way into a vehicle. Once inside, critters stay due to the warmth, and the temptation of attractants, such as food and other chewable items. In fact, some newer eco-friendly cars are using materials such as soy-based wiring, which is quite appealing to rodents.


Rodents are avid gnawers and have an abundance of chew worthy materials to choose from in a vehicle, and costly car repairs aside, rodents are unhealthy to humans, causing respiratory issues, allergies and the potential to carry disease.

To reduce the likelihood of rodents infesting a vehicle:

  • Keep trash cleaned up, or in tightly closed containers

  • Keep your sunroof closed while not in use

  • Seal up any entry points in the garage

  • Keep garbage sealed in tightly closed cans in the garage

  • Eliminate any moisture sources, water is a necessity for rodent survival

It is also recommended to regularly inspect under the hood for gnawed materials, frayed wire and signs of nests or droppings. If rodents are found, it’s recommended that the vehicle be checked out by a professional mechanic.


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