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Tips To Keep Your Holiday Decorating Pest-Free

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, you may find yourself not paying as much attention to the details of pest prevention. So, how about we save you some time and give you a few simple things to watch for to avoid a visitation from intrusive pests over the holiday season? Done!

Check the Green Garnishments

Living decorations bring the beauty of nature into your home, but sometimes they bring in a little too much nature (remember the squirrel in the tree in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?). Trees, wreaths and other live decorations can harbor hitchhikers such as spiders, moths and other pests. Therefore, it’s wise to inspect and shake live greenery out before bringing the decorations into your home.

Inspect Ornament Boxes

The joy of opening those holiday storage boxes that have been sitting in the basement or attic all year long can quickly become a nightmare if they weren’t stored properly. To keep from bringing any critters into your main living area, check and unpack items from boxes while they are still in storage for signs of pests such as droppings, chewed cords and gnaw marks.

After the holidays, give yourself some bonus gifts and repack your decorations in brand new, tightly-sealed storage containers and save yourself from surprises next year.

A Final Tip to Warm Up To…

If your holiday plans include snuggling up next to the fire and sipping your choice of holiday cheer, remember to inspect your firewood for any pests before bringing it indoors.

Outdoor tip: Storing firewood at least 20 feet from your home and on a raised structure will help keep pests out of your firewood.

If you’re in need of professional assistance with a pest issue, give us a call at our Muskego office at 262-679-4422, our Oshkosh office at 920-385-0412 or toll free at 800-956-0800.

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