Common Name: Earwig 
Scientific Name: Order Dermaptera

General Size: Adults are about 5/8 inch long

Appearance: dark brown with a reddish head and pale yellow-brown legs

Pincers or forceps on the end of the abdomen

Clover Mite

Common Name: Clover Mite
Scientific Name: Bryobia praetiosa

General Size: Adults are less than 1 mm in length

Appearance: reddish or greenish in color, and have a greatly elongated first pair of legs.

House Centipede

Common Name: House Centipede
Scientific Name: Class Chilopoda

General Size: 1 inch or larger, depending on species

Look for these Colors: Brown to reddish brown

15 to 177 pairs of legs


Common Name: Millipede
Scientific Name: Class Diplopoda 

General Size: 1 to 12 inches in length

Appearance: brownish, segmented, with two pair of legs per segment


Common Name: Silverfish
Scientific Name: Lepisma saccharina

General Size: 1/2 to 3/4 inch long

Look for these Colors: grey, silver 


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