Apartment Buildings and Multi-Family Dwellings

We will communicate with management regarding any current issues and areas of concern. 

Inspect and treat as necessary an areas of concern, such as public entryways, hallways, lobby, basement and laundry areas. 

Monitor interior rodent activity and equipment.

Thoroughly inspect exterior for possible entryways and monitor any external rodent equipment.

Treat for insect issues in warmer months. 

Commercial Businesses, Retail and Manufacturing Facilities

We will meet with individuals in charge regarding any current issues or concerns.

Inspect and treat as necessary any areas such as entrance and exits, storage areas, public restrooms, break rooms and loading docks. 

Monitor and maintain any rodent equipment.

Inspect and treat exterior for insect issues, with special attention to spider activity and control. 


Food Establishments

We will check with management and/or chef regarding any current issues. 

Thoroughly inspect and treat of any necessary or problematic areas including waitress stations, front line, kitchen, restrooms and dining areas.

Monitor rodent equipment in storage areas and mechanical trap in kitchen area. 

Give helpful recommendations for pest prevention and guidance in sanitation needs.

Pay special attention and perform close monitoring of rodent activity and equipment in dumpster areas, as they are a common source of issues. 

Hotels & Motels

We will have regular interaction and communication with management for any new or continuing issues. 

Pay special attention to typical invaders for this type of establishment, from ground floor ants to bed bugs.

Thoroughly inspect and treat as needed of high traffic areas and areas of concern, such as the lobby, conference rooms, and food service areas. Monitoring and treatment as needed of other areas such as pool rooms and exercise rooms. 

Perform an exterior inspection and treatment as needed for rodents in winter and insects in warm months. 

Healthcare Facilities and Senior Living

We will maintain communication with management regarding particular areas of concern. 

Have use of monitors, glueboards and mechanical traps to monitor for any potential issues in problematic areas.

Do treatment when only necessary, keeping the health and safety of any patients first priority. 

Treat with the least amount of chemical needed, using insect baits when possible. 

Educational Facilities

We will maintain communication with points of contact regarding particular areas of concern. 

Make use of IPM solutions and follow regulations and procedures that limit the use of chemicals. 

Do treatment only when only necessary, and then only when school is not in session. Keeping the health and safety of any children and staff is our first priority.

Treat with the least amount of chemical needed, using insect baits when possible. 

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